Trip to England


On Sunday 3. 6. we started our “yellow bus” journey. Final destination - Southern England. During the next 4 days we explored Britain and its culture (and not only in our host families). Down below you can read feedback from participating students:

“It was a really good experience, we enjoyed our stay in Worthing a lot. Our family was very welcoming and we had no problems.”

“It was a great experience but if you ever go to England, do NOT go by bus! 24 hours in a bus is a suicide.”

“Despite expectation we were really happy there. Our host family was as shy as us.”

“The country where everyone can visit a casino but you have to bring your own toilet paper.”

“At first, the woman we lived by was quite strict, when we came, she immediately told us what we are and aren’t allowed to do. But following days, she was trying to converse with us and we found out that she’s actually quite friendly.”

“We didn’t melt like here in summer. So… it was OK.”

“We must bring a lot of our food not to stay hungry. Sometimes, you can find cheap food in usable packages in local shops. The journey to England was terrible. You must be clever and catch free seats to sleep.”

“The family was really kind, but cooked only pre-prepared food. The most beautiful places in England were Seven Sisters and Brighton.”

“After we arrived, Mrs. Boyland immediately gave us the WiFi password. The place felt like home!”