Mock Speaking CAE/FCE Exams


For this year's "Dny bez lavic", students had the opportunity to take part in the CAE (or the less difficult FCE) Mock speaking exam. The speaking itself was made up of three parts which you completed in either a pair or a group of three.

In the first, introductory part, the examiner asked us a couple questions about ourselves. In the second part, each of us was given two (FCE) or three (CAE) pictures with a question above them, which we answered as we were describing and comparing the pictures and afterwards the examiner asked us questions regarding the pictures of our partner(s). During the last, third part, the examiner gave us a topic to discuss with our partner(s), following which she asked each of us questions regarding said topic.

Personally, we would definitely recommend this exam to anyone considering taking the Cambridge Exam even if they end up not taking it in the end, they still gave us important feedback that we can improve upon.

Tereza Jelínková a Alex Jobran

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